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Linux System Administration Tips and Tricks

Allowing passive FTP connections
Apache .htaccess but allow from IP address
awk examples
.bashrc vs .bash_profile
Bash History settings
Bash Login Profile
Burn CD from .iso image
Canon LiDE 70 scanner in Linux
Checking network speed
Combine / Merge PDF files
Create DVD .iso from .iso on multiple CDs
Create .iso image from a CD
Cron Tips
C-Shell and other Linux custom prompts
Disable Screen Blanking
Disable Terminal Bells
Distorted IE Images / Dell Laptop 1920x1200
Dokuwiki Reference Links
Dynamic DNS and LetsEncrypt
Enigmail Setup and GnuPG keys
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow Error Messages
Exporting/Importing Database Tips
Find Duplicate Files in Linux
Find Files
Finding open files or files being accessed
Find out what RPM package provides a library
Fixing Java in Firefox 3.6.x on Linux x64
Force HTTPS/SSL by directory with .htaccess
Force HTTPS/SSL by directory with httpd.conf
GCC Update
Gmail encryption and other tips
Google Analytics Tips
Google Chrome DevTools Tips
Google Chrome - Installing as non-root user
Google Chrome - Installing for CentOS 6 and having it auto update
gvfsd-metadata running for a long time
High CPU Usage
How to restart a print queue
HTTP server fails to start
HTTPS Server Configuration
Installing RPMs
KDE preferences in RHEL5 for better performance
Linux password managers
Linux System Rescue CD
Man Pages and Funny Characters
Memory testing
Monitoring Memory Usage
Monitoring Network Performance
Mount a USB flash drive
Multihome network connection
Mutt tips
MySQL setup options for a new install/config on RHEL5
Network Tips and Settings
Nice Windows fonts on Linux
NSS Tips
NTP Tips
NVIDIA Drivers and Settings
PHP Tricks
PHP 5.6 upgrade - CentOS
PHP 7.2 upgrade - CentOS
PHP 7.4 upgrade - CentOS
PHP 8.1 upgrade - Rocky Linux 8
PHP 8.1 upgrade - Rocky Linux 9
PHP 8.2 upgrade - CentOS 7
PHP 8.2 upgrade - Rocky Linux 9
PHP 8.3 upgrade - Rocky Linux 9
Public IP
Querying X Windows Screen Resolution Settings
Recommended network card for linux
Recover Data from failed Netgear STORA MS2110 NAS
Resetting Root Password in GRUB
Restricted shell access for users
RHEL6 Login Screen Configuration
RPM -e Error Specifies Multiple Packages
rsync ignore hidden files
Sanitizing PHP for malicious user input
Self-signed SSL certificates
SELinux Configuration
seq to print a sequence of numbers
Setting System Clock to UTC/GMT Timezone
Soft Link Trick
sort command tricks
SSH disable reverse DNS
ssh_exchange_identification error
SSH authentication using only password, ignoring keys
SSH Login Banners
SSH without a password using public/private keys
SSH without checking known_hosts
SSI Includes with PHP and vice-versa
Thunderbird - Slow performance
Thunderbird - Sort folders with "_" first
Unzip/Untar a file and compile code
Using a scanner in linux with XSane
vim Tips
vmware firefall settings
VMWare Screen Resolution Settings
VPN Client
VPN Notes
Xfce Notes
Yum won't update (unsubscriptable object)

Perl Tips

Best Practices
Using CPAN
Local Perl Modules
Manipulating Date Strings
Print Immediately by Flushing Buffer
Reading entire file into a string
Remove newlines
Replace String Inline
Sending email

Linux Opensource and other Software Tools

Adding a second hard drive
Bootable USB drive from .iso file in Linux
ClamAV Antivirus
Dell BIOS updates when running Linux
DjVu files
DNS Performance Check
Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Notes
DNS Servers (Public)
Firefox About:Config Tips
Firefox already running error
GIMP tricks
Git Notes
GMail as a Relay on Linux with Postfix (non 2-factor auth)
GMail as a Relay on Linux CENTOS7 (working for 2-factor auth)
GMail as a Relay on Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and CENTOS8 (working for 2-factor auth)
GMail on Linux with SSMTP (needs more testing)
Gmail on Linux with MSMTP (not well tested nor used)
GParted - partition editor
grep tricks
ImageMagick Notes
LibreOffice Notes
Linux Backups
MATE Desktop Notes
Migration Notes - CentOS 6
Migration Notes - CentOS 7
Migration Notes - CentOS 8
Migration Notes - Rocky Linux 8
Migration Notes - Rocky Linux 9
Migration Checklist - Rocky Linux 9
lftp to mirror websites
Mirror websites with wget
Nagios Config Commands
Mantis Tips
MySQL Tips
NoMachine (NX) Remote Access for Unix/Linux v3
NoMachine (NX) Remote Access for Unix/Linux v4
Percona Toolkist
phpMyAdmin - Importing a .csv into a table
phpMyAdmin Installation Tips
postfix tips
PostgreSQL tips
Python coding notes
Python virtual environments
Python install notes
Python notes (work)
Python alternative upgrade notes
Red Hat 6 Package Manifest
Red Hat 7 Notes
Remote Desktop tricks
Repair XFS Filesystem
Restore Data and Files from Corrupted Disks
Samba File Sharing
Serendipity Tips
Skype Call Recorder
Skype for Linux
Sudo Setup
TightVNC and Configs
Totem Movie Player
Tidy to clean up HTML Markup
Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point Notes
Ubiquiti UniFi controller - running on Ubuntu
Ubiquiti UniFi controller - running on CentOS
Ubiquiti UniFi controller - Easy Installation
Ubiquiti UniFi controller - Migrating to new server
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P Notes
VirtualBox General Notes
VirtualBox running Android
VirtualBox running CentOS 6
VirtualBox running CentOS 7
VirtualBox for CentOS 7 to CentOS 8 Upgrade in Place
VirtualBox running CentOS 8
VirtualBox running CentOS 8 Stream
VirtualBox running Fedora
VirtualBox running RHEL8
VirtualBox running RHEL9
VirtualBox running Rocky Linux 8
VirtualBox running Rocky Linux 9
VirtualBox running Ubuntu 14
VirtualBox running Ubuntu 16
VirtualBox running Ubuntu 18
VirtualBox running Ubuntu 20
VirtualBox running Ubuntu 22
VirtualBox running Windows 10 RC
Xming X Server for Windows

Android Info
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Factory Reset

Windows and other Microsoft Tips

AppData / Profiles
Backup Script using xcopy
Backups with SyncToy 2.1
Brightcove Video Downloads
Crystal Reports
Disk space usage
GnuWin32 - Coreutils install
Hard Drive Copy sector-by-sector
ISO Recorder for Windows
Loading CDROM software onto laptop lacking CDROM drive
Make a free Public WiFi Hotspot
Microsoft Excel Tips
Microsoft Word 2007 default spacing
NT Backup
Share USB Drive on home network
Start a program at boot
Thumbs.db - Disabling
Virtual Clone Drive - Mount .iso to virtual CDROM drive
Windows 7 Line Spacing & Icon Height
Windows 10 Notes
Windows Folders & Quicklaunch Menu
Windows ISO
Windows Update Very Slow
Windows-only Programs
WinSCP - Passwordless Login

Security Tools

Windows - Kaspersky Online Scan
Windows - Panda Anti Root Kit
Websites - VEGA
Websites - ZAP
Websites - Pentest Tools

IT Shopping Links

Other Topics
ASMAD (Amtrak Status History)
My IT To-Do List
Teleworking Tips

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