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Python Alternative Upgrade Notes

Python 3.11 on Rocky Linux 9:

Follow General Python 3.10 steps

For python 3.11, use

If you get an error (at stage XXX) then check the permissions inside /opt/Python-3.11.1 directory and chown -R root:root then try again.

After installed, set a sym link in /usr/local/bin/python3.11 to /usr/local/bin/python

Look at using Python Virtual Environments to use the new python installation.

Server World



Computing For Geeks

Python 3.10.4 on test VM:

Linux Stans with openssl11 notes

yum -y install openssl11 openssl11-devel
mkdir /usr/local/openssl11
cd /usr/local/openssl11
ln -s /usr/lib64/openssl11 lib
ln -s /usr/include/openssl11 include
./configure --enable-optimizations --with-openssl=/usr/local/openssl11
python3.10 -m pip list
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