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VirtualBox running Ubuntu 20 Notes

Need to install, test. Migrate Unifi controller to it.

Upgrade 18.04 to 20.04

  • After following these steps and booting into new kernel, machine would not start
  • Booted into old kernel, and ran an update for new packages. New kernel was downloaded and installed.
  • Had a new kernel not been available, I suspect reinstalling the original kernel that was failing would have fixed the problem

Fix /swapfile

Change hostname

Gmail SMTP on Ubuntu 20

  • Install postfix and choose "Internet site"
  • Accept suggested FQDN
  • Don't add another user for /etc/aliases (root is already there)
  • For comma-separated list of domains, accept defaults
  • Accept defaults for everything else, such as synchronous mail, network blocks, etc.
  • Follow rest of instructions
  • Send test message
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