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In the past, we used to configure the login screens on RHEL 4 and 5 by
using the gdmsetup utility.  This utility is no longer available under

After opening a TAM ticket with Red Hat support, here is their answer on
how to change the RHEL 6 login screen:

Follow the steps below:

Note - Where a # is shown, it is the command line prompt for the root user

1) #gconf-editor
2) Select apps->gdm->simple-greeter
3) Check the 'banner_message_enable' checkbox
4) Right click on 'banner_message_enable' checkbox' and select 'set as default'.
5) Set the message in 'banner_message_text' field.
6) Right click on 'banner_message_text' field and select 'set as default'.
7) Check the 'disable_user_list' checkbox.
8) Right click on 'disable_user_list' checkbox' and select 'set as default'.
9) To test it:
   #pkill gdm-binary

To enter the warning banner "string" into the banner_message_text screen
in step 5 above, enter the data as shown below, noting the leading and
trailing \  and  \  respectively at the beginning and ending of the text


This is a...


When you finish all of the steps, you will get a nice login screen with
the banner and no listing of users on the login screen.

I don't know if this procedure works for Fedora Core (14?) or not, but
you could give it a try.

Please let me know how this works out for you.  We are just beginning
our work with RHEL 6.
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