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Potential programs for Linux:


rdesktop -a 32 -x 0x8F -g 1600x1200 -f HOST -u USERNAME -d DOMAIN
  • connects to Windows Vista/7 at 32 bit
    • Note that the "-a" option is not found in the man pages
  • the "-x 0x8F" forces font smoothing
  • CTRL-ALT-ENTER will toggle full screen mode on/off
  • When connecting to Windows7 host, get a black cursor
    • Use to install the following to fix black cursor problem:
      • rdesktop-1.7.0-0.1.el6.rfx.i686.rpm (rpm -Uvh to upgrade default CentOS 6.2 version)
      • rdesktop-1.7.0-0.1.el5.rfx.i386.rpm (rpm -Uvh to upgrade default CentOS 5.7 version)
      • prerequisite is libsndfile-1.0.17-5.el5.i386.rpm
      • prerequisite is libsamplerate-0.1.2-8.el5.i386.rpm
#define RDP5_DISABLE_NOTHING    0x00  
#define RDP5_NO_WALLPAPER   0x01  
#define RDP5_NO_FULLWINDOWDRAG  0x02  
#define RDP5_NO_MENUANIMATIONS  0x04  
#define RDP5_NO_THEMING     0x08  
#define RDP5_NO_CURSOR_SHADOW   0x20  
#define RDP5_NO_CURSORSETTINGS  0x40    /* disables cursor blinking */

Summary of workaround settings:

rdesktop -x 0x8F mywinserver   # equals the modem default + font smoothing
rdesktop -x 0x81 mywinserver   # equals the broadband default + font smoothing
rdesktop -x 0x80 mywinserver   # equals the LAN default + font smoothing


  • RHEL5: Applications > Internet > Krdc
  • RDP defaults allow you to set screen size
  • Control panel at top of Krdc launder allow you to toggle full screen mode on/off, also disconnect
  • Suggest turning off Kwallet to store passswords
  • When connecting to Windows7 host, get a black cursor

tsclient (Terminal Server Client)

  • Just a frontend for rdesktop, vncviewer, wfica, xnest
  • After you disconnect your sessions, the program annoyingly asks if you want to reconnect in 30 secs or it will do automatically
  • Doesn't appear to be a way to pass arguments to rdesktop for the font-smoothing; also gives black cursor

Remmina (formerly GRDC)

  • Not easy to install on RHEL5 from source; many dependencies

Blank Monitor after using Remote Desktop Connection

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