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VirtualBox running Android Notes

For Android 4.3 on Virtual Box 4.3.6, System > Acceleration > Uncheck Enable VT-x/AMD-V otherwise you'll get kernel panics.

Easiest process is to install Virtual Box first, start it up, then install GenyMotion on Windows. GenyMotion requires GLIB 2.15 which is not in CentOS6.5 - it is in Fedora20. But GenyMotion did not work inside a Virtual Box instance of Fedora20 because it needed OpenGL 2.0 drivers (or something like that).

Following these instructions works in Windows 7 Professional.

Genymotion on Windows notes:

Use 800x1280 213 dpi resolution settings

FakeGPS Free can set GPS location

Virtual device version doesn't match software version:

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