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There is a known limit to the number of users for the free version of NX:

NoMachine version is limited to two 'named' users. To check or change these,
nxserver --userlist, nxserver --useradd, nxserver --userdel. These will have
been the first two users to connect.


On 10/16/06, Maccy <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm experiencing a very strange problem whereby newly created users are
> not able to connect to a machine via NX but users that have been
> registered on my systems for a while can log in no problem.
> They get the message 'Reached the maximum number of allowed users on
> this server' even though no-one else is logged on!
> There is no known difference between the newly-created linux accounts -
> we're using Scientific Linux 4.3 (RHEL clone) - and the experienced user
> accounts.
> I've tried....
> a) Removing the key in .ssh/known_hosts on the client
> b) Removing the .nx directory from both client and on the server
> c) Rebooting and reinstalling the server
> d) Recopying server SSH keys
> e) Multiple clients and servers
> I've even tried copying the entire contents of an experienced user's
> home directory over to the new accounts.
> We're currently using the free version of the server from
> whilst we wait for unlimited licence keys.
> Does anyone have any further suggestions?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Mark

See kde_preferences_in_rhel5_for_better_performance for speeding up KDE sessions with NX.

2012-08-13 - Bug with "System" menu locking up NX session: and

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