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 http://​​blog/​opensource/​mirroring-web-sites-with-wget/​883 http://​​blog/​opensource/​mirroring-web-sites-with-wget/​883
 +The quickest and easiest way to mirror a remote Web site is to use wget. Wget is similar to cURL (and I'll be the first to admit that I prefer cURL over wget), but wget has some really slick and useful features that aren't found in cURL, such as a means to download an entire Web site for local viewing:
 +$ wget -rkp -l6 -np -nH -N http://​​
 +This command does a number of things. The -rkp option tells wget to download recursively,​ to convert downloaded links in HTML pages to point to local files, and to obtain all images and other files to properly render the page.
 +The -l6 option tells wget to recurse to a maximum of six nested levels, while -np tells it not to recurse to the parent directory. The -nH option tells wget not to create host directories;​ this means that the files will be downloaded to the current directory rather than a directory named after the hostname of the site being mirrored.
 +Finally, -N tells wget to use time-stamping,​ which is its way of trying to prevent downloading the same unchanged file more than once. Unfortunately,​ with dynamic sites being the norm, this may not work very well, but it's worth adding, regardless.
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