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Line 1: Line 1:
-==== Yum installer bash script (CentOS7) ==+==== Yum installer bash script (CentOS 7) ==
 <color #​ed1c24>​When you run the code below, ensure to redirect output and errors to a log file.</​color>​ <color #​ed1c24>​When you run the code below, ensure to redirect output and errors to a log file.</​color>​
Line 325: Line 325:
 echo "​perl-List-MoreUtils.x86_64"​ echo "​perl-List-MoreUtils.x86_64"​
 yum -y install perl-List-MoreUtils.x86_64 ​     # base yum -y install perl-List-MoreUtils.x86_64 ​     # base
 +echo "​perl-Math-Round"​
 +yum -y install perl-Math-Round ​                # epel
 #echo "​perl-Array-Utils.noarch"​ #echo "​perl-Array-Utils.noarch"​
Line 358: Line 361:
 echo "​python-requests"​ echo "​python-requests"​
 yum -y install python-requests ​                # TAT yum -y install python-requests ​                # TAT
 +echo "​python3"​
 +yum -y install python3 ​                        # TAT
 +echo "​python3-devel"​
 +yum -y install python3-devel ​                  # TAT
 echo "​jq" ​                                     # TAT echo "​jq" ​                                     # TAT
Line 391: Line 400:
 echo "​pv"​ echo "​pv"​
 yum -y install pv yum -y install pv
 +echo "​mlocate"​
 +yum -y install mlocate
 #echo "​thunderbird"​ #echo "​thunderbird"​
Line 401: Line 413:
 yum -y install tree yum -y install tree
 +echo "​iotop"​
 +yum -y install iotop
 +echo "​deltarpm"​
 +yum -y install deltarpm
 +# Best RDC for Windows
 +echo "​remmina"​
 +yum -y install remmina
 +# Allow sound in Firefox
 +echo "​pavucontrol"​
 +yum -y install pavucontrol
 +echo "​pulseaudio*"​
 +yum -y install pulseaudio*
 +echo "​alsa-plugins-pulseaudio"​
 +yum -y install alsa-plugins-pulseaudio
 echo ""​ echo ""​
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