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 ==== Ubuntu Notes ==== ==== Ubuntu Notes ====
 +__20 Jul 2020__
 +Updated VirtualBox to 6.1.12 and Ubuntu 18 would not login after MATE authentication screen (just got black screen).  Went into /opt/VBoxGuestAdditions-6.1.8 and uninstalled the Guest Additions.  Rebooted, logged in correctly.  Then installed latest version of GuestAdditions.  Rebooted again, logged in and all worked correctly.
 +If restarting makes the screen go black again, use CTRL-F in VirtualBox 2 times, and that restores it.
 +__Other Notes__
 [[|TeamViewer installation]] [[|TeamViewer installation]]
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     * # linux-purge -m     * # linux-purge -m
   * (deprecated)   * (deprecated)
 +[[|Searching for Ubuntu Packages and versions]]
 View installed packages: View installed packages:
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