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   * Reboot to test   * Reboot to test
-[[|Move Unifi Controller to new host]]+Set up [[gmail_as_a_relay_on_linux_centos8|GMail as a Relay]], crontab, vi/vim and .vimrc
-Set up email/mutt, crontab, vi/vim and .vimrc+[[|Move Unifi Controller using steps below]] 
 +  * Install UniFi using the [[|Easy Installation Script]] 
 +    * Make Backup of Unifi on old VM using script above 
 +    * Shutdown old VM and new VM 
 +    * Change IP address of new VM to match that of old VM (use MAC if DHCP) 
 +    * Start new VM 
 +    * Restore UniFi config from backup
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