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Line 12: Line 12:
 [[CentOS PHP5.6 upgrade]]\\ [[CentOS PHP5.6 upgrade]]\\
 [[CentOS PHP7.2 upgrade]]\\ [[CentOS PHP7.2 upgrade]]\\
 +[[CentOS PHP7.4 upgrade]]\\
 [[Checking network speed]]\\ [[Checking network speed]]\\
 [[Combine / Merge PDF files]]\\ [[Combine / Merge PDF files]]\\
Line 53: Line 54:
 [[Mount CDROM]]\\ [[Mount CDROM]]\\
 [[Multihome network connection]]\\ [[Multihome network connection]]\\
 +[[Mutt tips]]\\
 [[MySQL setup options for a new install/​config on RHEL5]]\\ [[MySQL setup options for a new install/​config on RHEL5]]\\
 [[Network Tips and Settings]]\\ [[Network Tips and Settings]]\\
Line 72: Line 74:
 [[Setting System Clock to UTC/GMT Timezone]]\\ [[Setting System Clock to UTC/GMT Timezone]]\\
 [[Soft Link Trick]]\\ [[Soft Link Trick]]\\
 +[[sort command tricks]]\\
 [[SSH disable reverse DNS]]\\ [[SSH disable reverse DNS]]\\
 [[ssh_exchange_identification error]]\\ [[ssh_exchange_identification error]]\\
Line 99: Line 102:
 [[Remove newlines]]\\ [[Remove newlines]]\\
 [[Replace String Inline]]\\ [[Replace String Inline]]\\
 +[[Sending email]]\\
 \\ \\
 **Linux Opensource and other Software Tools**\\ **Linux Opensource and other Software Tools**\\
Line 107: Line 111:
 [[CentOS 7 Migration Notes]]\\ [[CentOS 7 Migration Notes]]\\
 [[ClamAV Antivirus]]\\ [[ClamAV Antivirus]]\\
 +[[Dell BIOS updates when running Linux]]\\
 [[DjVu files]]\\ [[DjVu files]]\\
 [[DNS Performance Check]]\\ [[DNS Performance Check]]\\
Line 123: Line 128:
 [[LibreOffice Notes]]\\ [[LibreOffice Notes]]\\
 [[Linux Backups]]\\ [[Linux Backups]]\\
 +[[MATE Desktop Notes]]\\
 [[Mirroring with lftp|lftp to mirror websites]]\\ [[Mirroring with lftp|lftp to mirror websites]]\\
 [[Mirror websites with wget]]\\ [[Mirror websites with wget]]\\
 [[Nagios Config Commands]] \\ [[Nagios Config Commands]] \\
 [[Mantis Tips]]\\ [[Mantis Tips]]\\
-[[MySQL Time/Date Tips]]\\+[[MySQL Time/​Date ​Tips|MySQL ​Tips]]\\
 [[NoMachine (NX) Remote Access for Unix/​Linux|NoMachine (NX) Remote Access for Unix/Linux v3]]\\ [[NoMachine (NX) Remote Access for Unix/​Linux|NoMachine (NX) Remote Access for Unix/Linux v3]]\\
 [[NoMachine (NX) Remote Access for Unix/Linux v4]]\\ [[NoMachine (NX) Remote Access for Unix/Linux v4]]\\
Line 181: Line 187:
 [[MagicISO]]\\ [[MagicISO]]\\
 [[Make a free Public WiFi Hotspot]]\\ [[Make a free Public WiFi Hotspot]]\\
-[[MS Word 2007 default spacing]]\\+[[Microsoft Excel Tips]]\\ 
 +[[MS Word 2007 default spacing|Microsoft ​Word 2007 default spacing]]\\
 [[NT Backup]]\\ [[NT Backup]]\\
 [[Share USB Drive on home network]]\\ [[Share USB Drive on home network]]\\
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