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Sending email

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

$sysadmin = "user\";
$script_name = "test";
$archive_data_dir = "/a/b/c"; 
$latest_file_download = `ls -1 $archive_data_dir| tail -n 1`;

`echo '$now\n\nLast saved file: $latest_file_download' | mailx -s '$ reports stale source files' $sysadmin`;

sub now {
  $now = `date`;
my $email_message_file = "email.txt";
my $now = &now();
open (EMAIL, ">$email_message_file") or die "Cannot open file for writing: $!";
print EMAIL "$now\n\n";
print EMAIL "$ reported an error.  Please investigate.\n";
close (EMAIL);
send_reminder("user\", "$ reported an error", "$email_message_file");

# send reminder if error encountered
# email recipient, email subject, and filename for email body will be passed in
sub send_reminder {
  my ($recipient, $subject, $body) = @_;
  print LOG "  $PID sending email to: $recipient about: $subject\n";
  my $reminder_results = "";
  $reminder_results = system("send_reminder.csh \"$recipient\" \"$body\" \"$subject\"");
  print LOG "  $PID reminder_results:\n$reminder_results\n";
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