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   * https://​​how-to-install-python-3-6-1-on-centos-7.html   * https://​​how-to-install-python-3-6-1-on-centos-7.html
-Do some local configuration for my scripts:+Do some local configuration for my scripts ​(su - root):
   pip3.6 install --upgrade pip   pip3.6 install --upgrade pip
   pip3.6 install --upgrade httplib2   pip3.6 install --upgrade httplib2
   pip3.6 install pymysql   pip3.6 install pymysql
 +  pip3.6 install selenium-wire
 +  pip3.6 install chromedriver
 +  pip3.6 install chromedriver_binary
 +  pip3.6 install dictor
 +  pip3.6 install wget
 +  pip3.6 install pip-upgrade-outdated
 +  ​
 +To update all pip packages:
 +  # pip_upgrade_outdated
 +Note that https://​​project/​pip-upgrade-outdated/​ is a good resource to update all PIP packages.
 +  ​
 +Download and install geckodriver (see https://​​mozilla/​geckodriver/​releases)
 +As root, copy geckodriver to /​usr/​local/​bin and ensure permissions are 755
 +Notes at https://​​questions/​40208051/​selenium-using-python-geckodriver-executable-needs-to-be-in-path
   ​   ​
 Notes about [[https://​​python3/​python_database_access.htm|Python database access]] Notes about [[https://​​python3/​python_database_access.htm|Python database access]]
Line 25: Line 43:
   ​   ​
   $ pip list   $ pip list
 +  ​
 +[[https://​​3/​howto/​logging.html|Logging in python]]
 +  logging.basicConfig(format='​%(asctime)s %(message)s',​ filename=log_file,​ level=logging.DEBUG)
 +  logging.debug('​This message should go to the log file')
 +'​So should this')
 +  logging.warning('​And this, too')
 +[[https://​​python-pep8/​|Write beautiful python code with PEP-8]]
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