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-Editing Nagios Main Config, and adding new hosts:+Editing Nagios Main Config, and adding new hosts: ​\\
 /​usr/​local/​nagios/​etc/​nagios.cfg /​usr/​local/​nagios/​etc/​nagios.cfg
-Editing Nagios Host Configurations:​+Editing Nagios Host Configurations: ​\\
 /​usr/​local/​nagios/​etc/​objects /​usr/​local/​nagios/​etc/​objects
-Checking for Config Errors:+Checking for Config Errors: ​\\
 /​usr/​local/​nagios/​bin/​nagios -v /​usr/​local/​nagios/​etc/​nagios.cfg /​usr/​local/​nagios/​bin/​nagios -v /​usr/​local/​nagios/​etc/​nagios.cfg
-Restarting Nagios:+Restarting Nagios: ​\\
 service nagios restart service nagios restart
 +Nagios Web Pages Root: \\
 +DOCS: \\
 +Object configuration options: \\
 +NRPE Daemon Config: \\
 +Don't forget to add iptables rule: \\
 +/​sbin/​iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 5666 -j ACCEPT
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