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 Other CentOS 7 Notes: Other CentOS 7 Notes:
-  * May need to use [[http://​​questions/​109473/​after-updating-ssmtp-to-version-2-61-i-cannot-send-mail-via-gmail|Use this link]]+  * Best to use this version of mutt: mutt-1.6.2-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm 
 +    * Otherwise, you may get errors like: Bad IDN in "​from":​ '​tidewater.�'​ 
 +  * /​etc/​resolv.conf may need the '​search'​ pattern, ex: search 
 +    * As root, run '​nmtui'​ to set network parameters 
 +  * If trouble sending after install, may need to consult ​[[http://​​questions/​109473/​after-updating-ssmtp-to-version-2-61-i-cannot-send-mail-via-gmail|this link]]
 Directions [[http://​​posts/​postfix-configuring-gmail-as-relay.html|based on this page by Matthew Hawthorne]]:​ \\ Directions [[http://​​posts/​postfix-configuring-gmail-as-relay.html|based on this page by Matthew Hawthorne]]:​ \\
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