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 Set up local printer(s) Set up local printer(s)
 +  * Note that Brother has notes for the HL2170W at https://​​g/​b/​downloadlist.aspx?​c=us&​lang=en&​prod=hl2170w_all&​os=127
 +    * RPM #1: brhl2170wlpr-2.0.2-1.i386.rpm
 +    * RPM #2: cupswrapperHL2170W-2.0.2-1.i386.rpm
 +    * Use '​lpstat'​ and '​lpq'​ to ensure it's a known destination printer
   * [[https://​​documentation/​en-US/​Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/​7/​html/​System_Administrators_Guide/​sec-Printer_Configuration.html#​sec-Starting_Print_Settings_Config|RHEL7 Print Settings]]   * [[https://​​documentation/​en-US/​Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/​7/​html/​System_Administrators_Guide/​sec-Printer_Configuration.html#​sec-Starting_Print_Settings_Config|RHEL7 Print Settings]]
   * yum install cups   * yum install cups
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