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 Put the following text in a file and name it xcopyScript.bat Put the following text in a file and name it xcopyScript.bat
 +Example 1:
 <code> <code>
 xcopy "C:\Users\<username>" "D:\backups\" /r /e /h /k /c /y xcopy "C:\Users\<username>" "D:\backups\" /r /e /h /k /c /y
 </code> </code>
 +Example 2:
 +REM backup_Users_cjuckins.bat
 +REM 25 Feb 2010
 +rmdir /s /q "D:\backup_Users_cjuckins\"
 +mkdir "D:\backup_Users_cjuckins\"
 +xcopy "C:\Users\cjuckins\*.*" "D:\backup_Users_cjuckins\" /r /e /h /k /c /y > "D:\backup_Users_cjuckins.log"
 +More information on the web:
 [[]] [[]]
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