Historical Amtrak on-time performance data

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This website (ASMAD) contains the Amtrak Status Maps archived data. The status maps show the last-reported departure or arrival time for stations along each of Amtrak's train routes, and are an easy way to see how closely a train is running to its published timetable.

You can search Amtrak performance data in a variety of ways:

Search by Train Number and/or Station

  • Find late or delayed trains by calendar date
  • Sort by delay length and see average delay
  • Filter delays by specific value (trains later than 30 minutes, etc)

Search Scheduled Runs

  • See the number of scheduled trains per route or daily total versus calendar day
  • Note the COVID-19 response in mid-March 2020 with significantly fewer trains running

Search by Service Disruption/Cancellations

  • Find trains that had service disruptions or cancellations over a range of dates
  • See when a particular train ran or was scheduled to run

Search Connecting Trains

  • Discover how often an arriving train has made or missed its connecting train

Past Amtrak Performance with Google Charts Google charts icon

Specific Delays Chart icon
Specific delays by train
number for a station
Average Delays Chart icon
Average delays by train number for a route

Search Stations

  • See all Amtrak stations in the database or search by station name or code

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