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-The following commands can be used to update the X server settings with NVIDIA graphics cards+==== NVIDIA Drivers and Settings ==== 
-<code> + 
-nvidia-settings +[[|Install NVIDIA drivers on CentOS 7]] 
-gdm-restart + 
-</code>+First make sure you do the following: 
 +  yum install libglvnd-devel 
 +__Notes from 4 June 2022__ 
 +  * When I installed 515.48.07, I did not have the libglvnd-devel installed.  So I thought it was going to fail, but it actually kept going.   
 +  * It took about 3 minutes to finish.   
 +  * I answered Yes to update the X configuration (but where is the file?) 
 +  * It said it was going to make a backup (but where)? 
 +  * Rebooted, screen came up OK after a delay of a few seconds 
 +To find current NVIDIA driver version: 
 +  nvidia-smi 
 +The following commands might be useful for updating the X server settings with NVIDIA graphics cards: 
 +  nvidia-settings 
 +  gdm-restart 
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